Monday, 20 February 2012

Entirely new to this...

Hello all,

Having enjoyed and followed the TG blogs of a few beautifully-minded individuals for several months now, I've decided to start piecing together my own, though largely as a means to keeping track of my reading list properly.

For interest I'm a 20yr-old gorgeously-legged redhead. I've only been aware of the net's TG communities for the past 5 months but have felt an envy for the bodies of curvier women for years. Big, soft breasts are my greatest weakness and my biggest vices right now are Breast Expansion and "Lacta Bovine"/Cowgirl stories. I quake at the ideas of nursing, milking and pleasuring women and have been lucky enough to experience these things irl. However I keep on returning to wanting more from my body; better curves, softer features, bigger, fuller, comfier breasts...

Who knows where my kinks will take me from here. For now, we have this blog. I will mainly be linking to captions elsewhere, selecting my favourites and tracking the best. You might see a few captions from my mind one day but I haven't had nearly enough practice just yet. There may also be pictures of me and my body...

...but my feelings are mixed as to how much I give you.

Regardless I hope you're enjoying your time here. Love for you all,
Calla W


  1. Welcome, Calla, to the fabulous, fun, fulfilling and furiously erotic realm of TG/TF caption blogs!

    Thank you so much for visiting the repository of my novice efforts, and opting to follow future posts. I do hope that you found at least some of my work appealing.

    I must say that, if the above photo represents your present state of physical endowment, then I am certainly envious of such a wonderful shape! And if it is an expression of the form you'd prefer to live in, then, I concur, and commiserate with you that we've not been blessed with the bodies of our deepest desires!

    Looking forward to seeing what you do offer, dear. Hugs ((Calla))


  2. Oh hello Elle thank you!

    I will confess I've returned to "Try These On" a few times now :P I'll be following your posts with definite interest.

    The photo above iiiis an unphotoshopped pic of my body, showing an ideal that I managed to achieve for a few days a while back. I wish I could look like that all the time but unfortunately my bosoms here were a result of dressing cleverly. I've a phenomenal desire to grow out to that size. You?

    Nonetheless Elle thank you again for the lovely welcome :) Hope you've been taking the time to feel gorgeous recently.

    Hugs, Love & Kisses,

  3. Hey, Calla; Just wanted to let you know that I've made a little something for you that I hope you like. Just posted a multiple panel story on my blog to welcome you. I hope that you don't mind if the concept is of you and being in a M2F TF, the main objective is really the "outpouring" that follows! :-)

    And thanks for bidding me prettiness! Sadly, though, these captions are the closest I get to expressing my woman-ness.

  4. Hello Calla,

    thanks for following my blog. :) It also lead me here and I'm actually surprised to find one of the few women in this field.
    I like your interest and I find it interesting. Maybe you could write about it a bit more?
    How much breast expansion would you like? And what's your current size? If I had to guess, DD?

    To make you a compliment: Since I like the TF/TG fantasies ... I wouldnt mind to have your body and be you instead of a 27 year old student. :)

    Hope your read more from you soon.


  5. so glad to have found your blog... my dream is to be a large breasted super curvy girl. hard to find people that feel the same :D

  6. What a yummy photo. I hope that you will share more of yourself "onscreen", but I also like the thought that you are reluctant and must be persuaded. ;)

    TG, CD and FD fantasies don't do much for me. What I like is the kind of MD humiliations and/or TFs that you can find at, or at, well, I am always on the lookout for more sites like these.