Thursday, 8 March 2012

Solar flares, sensations and general sexiness.

A friend texted me today asking if he ought to unplug all his stuff in the wake of a solar flare that could potentially get through to us soon. We laughed it off but as I got on with my day my imagination gradually filled with thoughts of warm-feeling transformations. Of waves of energy passing down over us, making our lips soften and our breasts swell. The inspiration for my first captions had arrived!
I've been gentle with myself to start off with; didn't feel like doing something hyper-sexual with my very first outing. I'm not sure of the quality as I only had Paint; let me know if there's any freeware out there that's really good for our purposes. Regardless, I hope you can understand my grammar and enjoy:

Just concentrate on how it would feel to lay there as if sunbathing and feel your body take a beautiful form... so lush.

Thank-yous to Elle and Martha for taking the time to talk, Elle especially for welcoming me with a very tasty set of caps. A bit more about my interests you ask? I've just fallen in love with imagining that guys all over the place are imagining what it'd be like for their bodies to change into gorgeous examples of womanhood. The female form is just beautiful to me and seeing woman with noticable, womanly, fertile features turns me on ever so much.

Breast Expansion in particular is at the height of my tastes for so many reasons. I'm not just in love with how sexy they are or how it feels to be smothered or nursed. You can attach all sorts of womanly, nurturing cuddly sentiments to them and I dream of mine getting bigger and bigger to extremes as an exaggeration of my desire to cuddle someone up in my sexy, female breasts... Did I mention that cow-girl caps turn me on too? ;x

My love of these captions is admittedly contending with a good sex-life and LOADS of uni' work at the mo', so I can't promise that caps'll be frequent. Nonetheless, love for you all,
x Calla W x

Monday, 20 February 2012

Entirely new to this...

Hello all,

Having enjoyed and followed the TG blogs of a few beautifully-minded individuals for several months now, I've decided to start piecing together my own, though largely as a means to keeping track of my reading list properly.

For interest I'm a 20yr-old gorgeously-legged redhead. I've only been aware of the net's TG communities for the past 5 months but have felt an envy for the bodies of curvier women for years. Big, soft breasts are my greatest weakness and my biggest vices right now are Breast Expansion and "Lacta Bovine"/Cowgirl stories. I quake at the ideas of nursing, milking and pleasuring women and have been lucky enough to experience these things irl. However I keep on returning to wanting more from my body; better curves, softer features, bigger, fuller, comfier breasts...

Who knows where my kinks will take me from here. For now, we have this blog. I will mainly be linking to captions elsewhere, selecting my favourites and tracking the best. You might see a few captions from my mind one day but I haven't had nearly enough practice just yet. There may also be pictures of me and my body...

...but my feelings are mixed as to how much I give you.

Regardless I hope you're enjoying your time here. Love for you all,
Calla W